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Um espaço onde você vai conhecer (e provar) as diversas inovações da Puratos por meio de alimentos feitos com os produtos do portfólio. Seja retail, seja fast food, a Puratos tem um papel fundamental na panificação, na confeitaria e nos chocolates.


Global Head of Innovation at Ipsos

Rollo heads up innovation for Ipsos UU, the world’s leading qualitative community. He was previously Head of Qual at Ipsos UK. He has been in research for over 15 years and has pioneered new qualitative approaches in areas as diverse as Big Idea, co-creation and intelligence platforms. Prior to research he ran an import company in Costa Rica, a bolero bar in Spain and has also worked in publishing, training and translation.


Retail Futurologist

Howard has worked in retail design for over twenty five years. As a former Creative Director of Fitch, based in London, he was responsible for retail design and branding and for creating multi-disciplinary teams of architects, graphic designers, product designers and copywriters and making them work together! As an international speaker Howard’s talks are big, visual journeys across the world of retail. Provocative, challenging, brutally honest, evidence based and thoroughly entertaining.


Global Marketing & Branding Director at IFF

Karen was born in Australia with a sweet tooth and has enjoyed enviable roles involving taste and smell her entire career. After obtaining a Food Technology degree, she spent her formative years consulting in food futures and strategic insights all around the world, having lived in Singapore, Sydney and the US. She leads the global marketing and branding team for IFF, playing an instrumental role in inspiring future growth opportunities, designing Innovation pathways and partnering with industry leaders in the development of future foresights.


Food Designer

With a background in Industrial design, Diego started his career in scenario design and long term innovation for Marcopolo in Brazil. Diego obtained a degree at Polytechnic of Turin with a specialization in Food Design. Diego is able to apply Design Thinking to the industrial process, bringing consumer focus design with a multidisciplinary approach to shape food innovation strategy. After being the manager director at Enivrance in Brazil, he launched Foodlosofia, a Food Design Center located in the city of Monterrey, Mexico.


CEO at The Wilkinson Group LLC

Prior to his current role at The Wilkinson Group, Randall was the founder or co-founder of three diverse companies in travel, skincare and media that he led from startup to ultimate acquisition by different multinational companies. The innovative robotic Wilkinson Mini Bakery makes possible continuous, in-store baking of delicious, all-natural bread throughout the day as it engages directly with shoppers. The disruptive technology decreases cost and shrinks the environmental impact of current bread production by making the central factory and fleet of bread delivery trucks unnecessary.


CEO at Bakkersonline.be

Bakeronline is an online ordering service for bakeries. The local bakery has an own web shop where the customers can easily order their bread and collect it at the time of their choice. The story of Bakeronline started in 2013. Today hundreds of bakeries in Belgium and The Netherlands enjoy the comfort of the online service while their customers make thousands orders weekly. This energetic young company has a team of 15 people. Maxim is their accessible CEO. The ambition of these fifteen young people is to scale up to more countries as they keep innovating each day, communicating with both bakeries and customers.


Partner and CEO of Nexxworks

Rik Vera is a renowned thought leader, advisor and keynote speaker on customer centricity, change management, and sales and marketing in a digital age. Rik mixes years of business experience at C-level with humor and passion to inspire companies to develop customer-centric strategies fit for a connected world.


03 de julho
03 de julho Início Programação Palestrante
11:00AM - 12:00PM Transfer from Hotel to Bienal
11:40AM Lunch Bienal
01:00PM Welcome To TASTE TOMORROW at Plenary Fabio Di Giammarco
01:15PM TASTE TOMORROW Trends 1, 2 & 3 Rollo McIntyre
02:00PM Re-imagine the Future of Taste Karen Stanton
03:35PM Food Design and Innovation Diego Ruzzarin
04:30PM TASTE TOMORROW Trends 4, 5 & 6 Rollo McIntyre
05:05PM The Age of Disruption Howard Saunders
06:55PM DINNER at Bienal – 100 Years of Puratos
06:00PM - 09:00PM Transfer from Bienal to Hotel
04 de julho
04 de julho Início Programação Palestrante
08:00AM - 09:00AM Transfer from Hotel to Bienal
09:15AM P&D Supporting Innovation Pierri Tossut
09:30AM TASTE TOMORROW Trends 7, 8 & 9 Rollo McIntyre
10:05AM E-commerce Revolution at the Artisan Maxim Sergeant
10:25AM The Industrial Evolution Comes to Food Randall Wilkinson
11:50AM Food in the 'New Normal' Rik Vera
12:35PM Event Closing – A Final Word from PURATOS
12:45PM Transfer from Bienal to Hotel (to Airport)

Caro convidado,
seguem algumas informações importantes para que você aproveite o nosso evento.


  • Devido a indisponibilidade de estacionamentos na Bienal, recomendamos que os convidados de São Paulo se desloquem ao evento de Táxi.
  • Transfer aeroporto in e out
  • Haverá serviço de transfer in nos dias 02 e 3/7 e transfer out no dia 4/7
  • Lembre-se de informar seu voo de chegada e saída no site do evento para que possamos atendê-lo
  • Transfer hotel x evento x hotel
  • Haverá um transfer de ida para o evento pela manhã, no horário de início da programação
  • Ao final dos dias 3 e 4/7, também haverá transfer de retorno ao hotel

  • O evento contempla a hospedagem, incluindo café da manhã, no período de 2 a 4/7/2019
  • Check-in e check-out
    • Horário de check-in: 4:00 PM
    • Horário de check-out: 12h00 PM
  • No dia 4/7, convidados com voos programados deverão deixar o hotel com o check-out realizado e levar sua bagagem para o evento. Teremos chapelaria para todos

Despesas extras:
  • Caso deseje antecipar ou estender sua estadia, o valor extra será de sua responsabilidade e deverá ser pago diretamente ao hotel
  • Demais despesas com alimentação, lavanderia, estacionamento, frigobar ou qualquer custo não previsto pelo evento também serão de responsabilidade do participante e deverão ser pagas no momento do check-out
  • Esporte fino
Em breve, você receberá informações de contato do seu hotel.

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Parque Ibirapuera

Av. Pedro Álvares Cabral, s/n - Portão 3
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